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Avoid Disruption

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Capturing all knowledge in the organization as much as technically possible is not only useful to enable a whole new league of use cases but is also a necessity since all of these use cases are served by one platform --- albeit distributed and federated. Which means that there will be many stakeholders with different agendas that would not care --- nor should they have to care --- about the wishes of the stakeholders in other use cases.

However, updates to one use case could potentially also affect other use cases.

That's why:

  • all changes & updates have to be done gradually, no ”big bang” releases and
  • all interdependencies need to be really clear and tested, in-full, automatically and continuously.

So, for instance, when some sub-use case of a high-level use case is also used in another high-level use case then a change that serves the needs of one could potentially also affect the other and its users. That's why we need the Use Case Tree, to allow us to avoid any disruption across the board.

Author: Jacobus Geluk