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Operating production-level, distributed and federated EKG/Platform that serves any wildly different use cases across the enterprise, guaranteeing business continuity.

What’s new for most organizations is to have one platform supporting many wildly different and potentially complex transactional use cases used across many parts of the business. This is different from managing a siloed landscape of more or less independent systems. Operating a production-level, distributed and federated EKG/Platform that serves many wildly different use cases across the enterprise where stakeholders do not necessarily even know each other---let alone have their priorities aligned---is not something that most organizations are used to. There are obviously some parallels with existing "horizontal" services but those services are usually all focussed on delivering one use case, not many.

It requires new operating models and enhanced capability.

An EKG evolves continuously---continuous deployment being a critical concept at a certain level of maturity. It serves many use cases, and it deals with many completely different back-end systems---upstream source systems or downstream consumers---each of which evolves over time as well. Upstream and downstream partners all need to move forward where the CoE needs to be able to respond in a timely manner. Furthermore, there are all kinds of operational requirements such as Disaster Recovery (DR) processes, Security / Vulnerability checks and so forth.

Your CoE will (have to) support your operational teams to ensure the highest levels of quality, resilience and security for your EKG. Your CoE makes sure that your teams are able to provide continual service levels to support your mission-critical use cases.




The CoE works in collaboration with your Production Department to establish new operating models and practices needed for distributed EKG deployment.


  • An EKG/Platform that complies with agreed levels of service and support
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity testing for the EKG
  • Operational Processes for fast and effective issue resolution


  • The impact of concepts like DevOps, DataOps, Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Continuous Improvement, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment on operations.
  • How to deal with serving many different agendas with one platform.
  • How to reach full test coverage in an EKG and test model-driven and data-driven applications / use cases.
  • DR in an EKG context with many different upstream and downstream partners
Author: Jacobus Geluk