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Running one EKG platform with use cases that have to serve many completely different type of stakeholders across the firm, all using reusable data from many sources, is no small feat and for many organizations the first time that such a platform enters the organization the bar is likely to be raised in many ways for all people that are involved in delivering, operating and optimizing that platform with all its use cases (even though many organizations obviously already run systems that are used enterprise wide, in most cases those systems only serve one particular slice of functionality, not many).

Once the EKG/Platform has been deployed in production, it needs to be supported and maintained. Or Operated, Measured and Optimized so you will.

We recommend to allocate funding for these services, whether they are performed by your CoE or by an external consultancy firm, from Business-as-Usual (BAU) (or Run-the-Bank (RTB)) budgets because these services are not directly related to particular projects or use cases.

  • Deploy

    Fully automated deployments as Infrastructure-as-Code using Continuous Deployment principles

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  • Operate

    Operating production-level, distributed and federated EKG/Platform that serves any wildly different use cases across the enterprise, guaranteeing business continuity.

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  • Measure

    Measure technical and business performance, availability, vulnerability, quality, business outcomes

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  • Optimize

    Structural feedback loops, continuously improve, continuously updating the Use Case Tree.

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