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Increase Quality

TODO: Summary

The Use Case Tree is a foundational structure for quality --- any kind of quality --- since it enforces, requires and enables 100% test coverage based on real business scenarios and requirements.

  • A use case has a life-cycle that starts with a name and a description and ends1 with a fully detailed model of all related concepts, personas, business outcomes, datasets, ontologies, user stories and dependencies. That model is all captured in the EKG itself which allows the EKG to not only fully and thoroughly test things during development time (build phase) but also in production (run phase). Which provides the level of quality that an EKG needs to have to become truly able to support enterprise level strategic use cases.

  1. Obviously, use cases can also be decommissioned after their life in producton so in fact there are more stages in the life-cycle of a use case 

Author: Jacobus Geluk