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Think big, start small, rinse, repeat, accelerate.

In most large organizations, there are many ways to justify a migration to a more data-centric and less siloed operation. There are countless use cases where a more data-centric and “holistic” approach could be extremely beneficial. Starting with EKG requires planning and preparation. Think big, start small. Start with the right use case, the right business case, the right team, prepare for success. Establishing an EKG can be seen as a journey, it’s generally not something that can be done in “three months”, even though---with the right amount of planning and preparation---the first use case that can be delivered can be done in such a short time-frame, it should fit in a larger vision and strategy. Proper expectation management is key.

Since EKG brings in many new “paradigms”, it is crucial to have proper expectation management in place, all relevant stakeholders in the given scope need to understand what it is that you’re trying to achieve, what the longer-term vision behind it is, agree on that vision, whereby the first use cases need to be very convincing and need to be delivered successfully.

That's what this method is for. See also all other objectives.

  • Envision

    Create a vision for the EKG that is shared by all key-stakeholders. This is about “the why” long term.

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  • Discover

    Discover all use cases in the given scope, short-term and long-term, create a “Use Case Tree” that shows a viable, realistic, logical, and successful pathway towards strategic goals. This is about “the what” and how it relates to "the why".

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  • Assess

    Assess where your current organization stands in terms of the non-functional requirements and where it should be to be able to support the use cases as they come out of the Discover phase. These assessments are based on the Maturity Model for the EKG (EKG/Maturity). This is partly about "the how" and "can we?".

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  • Train

    Get everyone involved up to speed with all the fundamentals around EKG, the various new paradigms and especially how EKG requires a number of new ways of looking at various topics.

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  • Chart

    Craft a proper "business case", manage expectations, define crystal clear what success means and what is needed to get there. This is about "when are we done?".

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Author: Jacobus Geluk