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Get everyone involved up to speed with all the fundamentals around EKG, the various new paradigms and especially how EKG requires a number of new ways of looking at various topics.

Provide expert training classes covering the core concepts and technologies that underpin the Enterprise Knowledge Graph. Demystify semantic technology for business stakeholders and provide guidance to architects and engineers on the core concepts needed for model-driven architecture. Programs can be customized to your specific EKG strategy and are designed to provide all stakeholders with knowledge about the fundamental EKG principles.


  • ...
  • Any member of the EKG CoE
  • EKG Champion(s)


Basic Fundamentals of Semantic Technology

Gain a working familiarity of the key components of the semantic web stack

  • What is a triple, what is RDF, why?
  • What is an ontology or shape, how to develop?
  • Open World vs Closed World and other relevant paradigms
  • Mapping
  • Inferencing and AI
  • Querying Graphs
    Learn the fundamentals on how to construct queries using the standard query language and protocol for linked data and knowledge graphs

EKG DataOps

  • Different types of EKG use cases, analytics, batch, real-time, transactional
  • How to develop and deliver use cases successfully in production across lines of business using the same platform

EKG Technical Architecture

Advanced Concepts

  • EKG Model-driven workflows
  • Temporality, Bi-temporality, Multi-temporality, History, Change-sets, Versions, Branches, Timelines, how to deal with the factor time when designing reusable data components (aka Use Cases in the Use Case Tree).
  • How to avoid coding? How to design for model-driven execution of business logic
  • Controlled Vocabularies
    Learn the basic characteristics of knowledge organization systems and how to best represent datasets for classification
  • OWL2 and SHACL
    Manage design and construction decisions about name spaces, classes, properties, restrictions and logical assertions
  • Semantic Graph Patterns
    Get an overview of mechanisms for managing reusable modules, mapping data and formalizing relations between ontology design patterns – Tooling
    Introduction to the various open-source and vendor offerings for authoring, editing and managing ontologies and implementing inference rules
Author: Jacobus Geluk