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Craft a proper "business case", manage expectations, define crystal clear what success means and what is needed to get there. This is about "when are we done?".

Build a business case that charts out a solid plan, well-supported by all key-stakeholders and “champions”, setting up for successful delivery of the first use cases in production and establishing the foundation for a “CoE” for the EKG.

Use the outcomes of "Envision, Discover, Assess & Train" to develop a well-justified thorough ”business case”.

Think big, start small, but have a solid and well-supported plan to be used for strategy prioritization, internal budget approvals, compliance/security approvals, technical approvals, creating proper air-cover and mandate, setting up for success.


  • Product Owner(s), Budget Holder(s)
  • Program/project/change manager(s)
  • Key stakeholders in the given scope


  • pitch
  • financial plan
  • business model
  • cost estimates
  • non-functional requirements, dependencies
  • gap analysis and plan
  • market analysis
  • competitive analysis
  • risk identification (RAID)
  • operations plan
  • marketing plan
  • project and program management plan
Author: Jacobus Geluk